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driveshaft disconnect provided by southwest driveline Southwest Driveline Service supplies repair parts along with individual components for the Remco Driveline Disconnect. We are a Remco factory direct dealer, installation, service, parts and warranty center for all the Remco line of products, along with complete turn-key  installations at our facility in Yuma AZ. read more
NOTE: Repair parts along with individual components are available here
INFO: View approximate Driveline Disconnect prices here. Does not include shipping

  • No transmission damage while towing.
  • No odometer readings are accumulated while towing.
  • Shift to drive or tow in seconds.
  • Coupling made with heat treated alloy steel.
  • Precision cut gear teeth.
  • Lifetime sealed ball bearing.
  • Fits most rear wheel drive cars, vans or pickups.
  • Complete step-by-step installation instructions.
  • Easy installation by a garage or a competent diy
    mechanic in 3 to 4 hours.
  • One year Remco manufacturer limited warranty.
  • Sold on-line or installed over 3000 units since 1985.


Remco Driveline Disconnect
Detailed Information:

When you tow your rear-wheel drive car, van, pickup or SUV, the drive shaft to the rear axle must be disconnected to prevent damage to the automatic transmission. This requires physically disconnecting the driveshaft from the differential and tying it up to the frame or other attachment point.  Remco's Drive Shaft Coupling was developed to provide a quick and easy means of disconnecting the transmission while sitting in the driver's seat. The coupling (mechanical clutch) is installed into the rear portion of the vehicle's drive shaft, near the rear axle. Note: Not all rear wheel drive vehicles require a Driveline Disconnect system.

driveline disconnect illustration

One of ours:

One of our Driveline Disconnect Shafts ready to be shipped. Their all high-speed balanced on both sides of the 180 degree lock and assembled using only the highest quality USA made components such as, seamless high strength DOM tubing, weld yokes, slip yokes and heavy duty u-joints. You can't get better than this no matter how hard you try.

Some important reading:
  • Driveline Disconnect kits "are not, one size fits all". Kits especially the driveshaft are strictly year, make and model specific. We will need you or your mechanic to provide specific information to us concerning style, length, and size of your original vehicle Driveshaft. If your not personally comfortable doing some information gathering, we would suggest printing out the appropriate worksheet linked below and seeking out a competent mechanic to retrieve the information for you, which should take no more than 30 minutes (sorry, but Southwest Driveline does not offer recommendations).
  • If your vehicle uses a multi (2) piece driveshaft assembly that utilizes a support bearing, replacing the rear section with a non-assembly balanced shaft may cause your multi (2) piece shaft assembly to become un-balanced. Multi (2) piece shaft assemblies are balanced as a "complete assembly" when manufactured at its factory. Replacing any section can upset the original balance.
  • You should be "familiar" with driveshaft assemblies, how they work and the terminology that's used by our industry in order to glean the appropriate information that we require.
  • Some installations will require you to remove original u-joints and or other stock components and re-install them into your driveline coupler shaft at time of installation.
  • All Disconnect kits are based on the information you supply to us by use of one of our specific information forms. If you have made changes such as differentials, driveshafts, transmissions or components that change the original specifications of your vehicle, you will need to supply us with that information also.
  • If your vehicle utilizes an aluminum single (1) piece driveshaft that has a length of 70 inches or longer, you will need to visit our Aluma-Coupler Driveline Disconnect page for further information.

Check our production status:

X We are producing and shipping the Driveline Disconnect Systems.
  We are not in production. Please check back later.

Some helpful links:
Remco Driveline Disconnect generic manual here. The free adobe PDF reader is required to view
Visit our Driveline Disconnect FAQ's
View approximate Driveline Disconnect prices here.

Note:  Single (1) piece aluminum shafts over 70" in length, click Here for info.

As we mentioning above, the information FORM we will require in order for us to assemble a custom Driveline Disconnect Shaft and to also provide the correct Shifter Housing to you.

We supply (2) types of Driveline Disconnect Driveshafts:   pictures are for illustration only
The first type is a single (1) piece (has just 2 u-joints) and it looks something like the picture on the right. Other than the end components (slip yoke flange yokes, we replace the complete shaft with the Disconnect shaft. (end components are transferred from your original driveshaft)
The second type is a multi (2) piece (has 3 u-joints) that has (2) separate shafts coupled by a center placed u-joint and support bearing (carrier bearing) to suspend the center of the assembly.

How you receive your quote, which will also include a
link to purchase your Driveline Disconnect kit.

View approximate Driveline Disconnect prices HERE.
Visit our Driveline Disconnect FAQ's

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