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Complete Remco Lube Pump System

We are a Remco factory direct dealer, installation, service, parts and warranty center. We carry repair and component parts for Remco Lube Pump systems and Driveline Disconnects along with complete turn-key  installations at our facility in Yuma AZ. read more
NOTE: Repair parts along with individual components are available here
INFO: We offer you a 5% discount off retail price, including free shipping to the 48 states *

Tow your automatic transmission car with 4 wheels down with no need of a dolly. The Remco Lube Pump Systems are highly tested and proven. They can be installed by a competent mechanic in 6 to 8 hours. No odometer mileage accumulation on vehicles equipped with electronic speedometers.

  • 1/8 HP self-priming pump insures high volume lubrication.
  • Full volume automatic selector valve directs oil for driving or towing.
  • Electronic monitor on motorhome dashboard safeguards the automatic transmission.
  • Easily transferred to any other approved vehicle.
  • One coiled electrical cable between the motorhome and car provides all the circuits for the lube pump, monitor, and towed vehicle tail lights.
  • All wiring and fluid connections for car and motorhome included.
  • Each make/model automatic transmission tested for 20,000 miles before approved.
  • Complete step-by-step installation instructions provided.
  • One year/10,000 miles limited warranty (warranty not applicable on transmissions with over 40,000 miles).

Illustration of Lube Pump System
for Illustration only

Visual Pump operation

Detailed Information:

The Lube Pump is conveniently located under the engine hood where it draws transmission fluid from the automatic transmission pan then pumps the fluid to the automatic selector valve. This valve directs the fluid through the radiator transmission cooler then to the automatic transmission's lubrication system which in essence, duplicates the automatic transmissions original fluid pump. The Lube Pump is controlled by the dash mounted electronic monitor that derives its power from the motorhomes battery. The electronic monitor is mounted near the motorhome driver, has control indicators and an audible alarm that will alert the operator of any problems in the lubrication system including failure to turn the system on or failure to connect the electrical cord between the car and motorhome.

One coiled electrical cable between the motorhome and car provides all the circuits for the lube pump, monitor and vehicle tail lights. The kit also includes 4 double feed diodes used to automatically convert the cars tail lights from drive mode to tow mode every time you plug-in.

For 30+ years, the Remco Lube Pump has proven to be a safe and reliable product for towing your front wheel drive automatic transmission vehicle. The Lube Pump will fit most front wheel drive automatic transmission vehicles made by GM, Chrysler, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and some Mazda's and Lexus'.

Lube Pump flow illustration Prevents automatic transmission damage from occurring on your front-wheel-drive and a few rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

When your car with an automatic transmission is driven, the transmission is lubricated by an engine-driven transmission fluid pump. When the car is towed, this engine driven pump does not operate. Another means of lubrication is needed. Remco's Lube Pump was developed to provide a reliable lubrication system for the transmission while it's being towed.

The pump system was originally designed for front-wheel drive vehicles but, it was found quickly that it functions superbly in a few rear-wheel drive vehicles, as well. We install the Lube Pump system at about a 90/10 ratio between front-wheel vs. rear-wheel drives. If you're looking for simplicity, then the Remco Lube Pump System, if applicable for your vehicle, is the way to go. You simply hook-up the tow bar, put the tow vehicle in neutral plug the electrical cord in and tow.


How to purchase your Remco Lube Pump System from us

Simply complete the short information form below and submit it to our tech support. They will use your supplied information to verify, first, is there a Lube Pump system available for your vehicle to allow it to be towed 4-wheels-down and secondly, if so, does the vehicles automatic transmission require the pump system in order to be towed.

You will then be sent an e-mail to the address you provide informing you of our findings. If applicable, including the price and a link to our custom payment page where you can finalize your purchase if you so choose.

Don't forget, by purchasing the complete Remco Lube Pump System from Southwest Driveline Service, you will receive a 5% discount off the retail price and we will pay the UPS ground shipping to you within the 48 states.


Please complete this form and submit. Look for an e-mail within 2 business days with the above information included.

You can also check your vehicle application yourself at Remco Towing

INFO: The Lube Pump Systems range from $1050.00 to $1895.00 retail price

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