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Diamond GoBox battery booster

8 Reasons  why every home should have a GoBox:

  1. This Multifunction booster will start your vehicle, RV, Boat or ATV instantly (Approx 10 to 20  starts in one charge). Will start all 12v gas and diesel engines.
  2. GoBox is the smallest, lightest weight booster with 600 Amps and 27,600 MAH which allows for more battery starts and will hold a charge longer. Extremely compact, it is easy to store in your home, RV, car or boat.
  3. GoBox delivers instant cold crank power when you need it and has a fast rechargeable long life battery.
  4. Feel safer on the road. You can depend on GoBox to start your car, even in remote locations. Plus, you will not be limited by booster cable lengths.
  5. Easy-to-see low power red LED light will come on in the control panel reminding you to recharge your GoBox from your vehicle power accessory outlet or home AC. When the GoBox is fully charged the green LED light will come on.
  6. With three super bright LED lights in the GoBox, you can use it as a flashlight, plus it lets you see under the hood to connect the booster to the battery in the dark. The LED lights also have an emergency flash setting, great for emergencies.
  7. You can't over charge or under charge it, the rechargeable battery has no 'memory'.
  8. The power outlet connections of the GoBox can provide 12V/80W power and can be used to power portable accessories such as your spotlight, air compressor, DVD player, radio and it can even charge your cell phone, tablet and other mobile devices!

GoBox Specs

  • Total weight w/case 4 lbs
  • GoBox weight 1 lb
  • Size 6.5"L 3.0"W 1.25"H
  • Two 5V USB Ports
  • Three LED flash light
  • LED flashing emergency

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